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    "The Latin root for Divorce is "diverter," meaning to divert. Divorce does not mean to sever, it just means to find a new path."  

    Divorce - A Journey Through the Kids' Eyes

    Over 95 percent of divorce cases eventually settle, often on the courthouse steps after most of the damage (and expense) of litigation has occurred. Everyone agrees on the damaging and destructive effect of the litigious divorce process on divorcing couples and their children. In Weppler Law Office, we do divorce differently. We practice Collaborative Divorce and Family Law.

    What is Collaborative Divorce?

    Collaborative divorce is a revolutionary new way to divorce. In the collaborative process, you and your spouse, as well the attorneys, agree to stay out of court in the entire divorce process. In the event that either party resorts to the courts, both lawyers are automatically disqualified from further representation. This commitment preserves the safe space for the discussions and creative problem solving to take place. The attorneys perform the traditional duties as counselor at law, informing and educating their clients about their options, as well as structuring and drafting the client't agreement skillfully to comply with the law. In collaborative divorce, both attorneys work together, rather than working against each other. Sometimes, they collaborate with "neutral experts" such as a qualified financial expert, a divorce coach and/or a child specialist. The collaborative team provides the support, information, and guidance the clients need in the process, which enables the clients to reach agreements that are sound, thorough, legally biding, and durable. For more information, please visit our Collaborative Law Resources below.

    Why We Do Collaborative Divorce in Weppler Law Office?

    In Weppler Law Office, we don't just offer collaborative divorce service. We are the collaborative law firm in Olympia and Thurston County. We are passionate about collaborative law, as the benefits of Collaborative Divorce are unsurpassed. Following are just some of numerous benefits:

    • Cost: A collaborative divorce is about 40 to 80 percent more cost effective than litigation.  Each party hires an attorney and the decision-making process is focused on problem solving.  Attorneys and individuals are all present and involved, reducing the communication time needed to make decisions and therefore the cost of attorneys’ time.
    • Decision-making: Emotions usually run high in divorce, which can hinder open communication and cooperation.  Although collaborative attorneys are trained to handle these emotional aspect of the divorce, they are still not the best and most cost effective tools.  In collaborative process,  a divorce coach assists the parties in managing stress and emotions.  This allows parties to make clear-headed, forward thinking decisions instead of critical financial or personal decisions based on the heat of the moment. 
    • Children: Many couples have children, pre-teens to young adults, who will be affected by how they deal with their divorce.  Children adjust best when parents cooperate with each other and focus on the child’s needs.  When parents work collaboratively, children have a much greater chance of working through their grief constructively.
    • Privacy: Many people are unaware that a litigated divorce is a public event.  Both divorce files and court appearances are open to public view and examination.  Disclosed records usually include financials such as income, investments, debt, credit history, mortgage due and home value.  While in litigation, attorneys will openly report accusations, involvement with substance abuse and other high-conflict issues.  A collaborative divorce is private.  Only the final agreements are filed in public records.  

    Attorney, June Weppler, is a staunch advocate for collaborative law with an unmatched commitment and passion. June is a collaboratively trained attorney with an extensive training and background in collaborative and non adversarial dispute resolution processes. Her practice does not include litigation and is focused in helping the families find solutions respectfully. She is a member of International Association of Collaborative Professionals and Association of Collaborative Professionals of Washington. She leads the collaborative law movement in Thurston county with a very small group of collaborative professionals.

    Will It Work For Me? What Are My Options?

    Each divorce is unique, and not all individuals fit the same mould. Attorneys are ethically obligated to present all options to each prospective client. As appealing as Collaborative Divorce may be, it may not be suitable for every case. Traditional litigated divorce may be the only option for some. When appropriate, we recommend other non-adversarial and cost-effective options, such as kitchen table divorce, divorce coaching, unbundled services, and mediation. We are happy to help you choose the right approach for you. For more information about other options, please visit our Family Law page.

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